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Yes, under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 we have a duty to:

  • assess local risks and use this to inform emergency planning.By doing this we can work with our partners to prepare, develop and maintain emergency plans that will reduce the impact of an emergency on the community.
  • provide advice and guidance on emergency management issues, including preparation of flood warning and evacuation plans required by PPS25,
  • make sure that public information is available on civil protection matters and ensure that arrangements are in place to warn and inform members of the public in the event of an emergency
  • plan, prepare and conduct emergency exercises, including specialist training courses for our staff and our partnersExercises test our own and our partner organisations emergency plans and procedures and could be in the form of a simulated response, or a live exercise. By doing this we are able to review our plans and make sure they are fit for
  • purpose and encourage closer working relationships with our partners
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