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COMAH stands for Control of Major Accident Hazards. COMAH applies mainly to the chemical / refining / petro-chemical industry and also to some storage activities or sites. It applies to facilities where a certain quantity of dangerous substances identified in the Regulations are kept or used.  If one of these sites exceeds the higher thresholds in the COMAH Regulations, they will be classed as a top tier site.

Due to these Regulations, safety is a paramount concern and incidents are thankfully very rare.  If you live within a short distance of one of these sites, you will have received some information around what you need to do if there is ever an incident.

The Health and Safety Executive have published a page which allows you to search for Public Information about Establishments that are covered by COMAH Regulations 2015. Two types of search are available:

  • Search by Postcode - This will retrieve any establishments within 3 miles of the entered postcode. The postcode must be entered in full (including space), the search is based on the centre of the area covered by the postcode.
  • or
  • Search by Establishment or Operator name - This will retrieve establishments where the name matches the entered criteria. You must enter at least the first 4 characters to search (including any spaces).

Hazardous Materials: Advice for Protecting Yourself and Others

In the unlikely event of chemical or toxic release, the following advice has been published by the Government:


  • Go indoors and stay there
  • Bring any pet inside with you
  • Close outside doors, windows and air vents
  • Turn off fans, hot air heating systems, ventilation etc
  • Cover all unsealed fresh food
  • Listen to your local radio station for further advice



DON'T go outside until told it is safe to do so

DON'T try to collect children from school unless instructed to- they will be looked after, so don't worry

DON'T use rainwater, or eat locally grown vegetables until you are told they are safe