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Counter Terrorism

The Greater Manchester Police Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) tackles the terrorist threat within the Greater Manchester area.

The Unit enhances GMP’s capability to protect the public from the terrorist threat and builds on the existing good work that has been taking place in the region.

The Unit, established in April 2007, is part of the main strand of the ACPO and Home Office plans to tackle the terrorist threat in the UK and is not linked to any immediate threat to Greater Manchester.

Click here for more general information and contact information for GMP's CTU

Lord Kerslake Independent review into the Manchester Arena Attack

Greater Manchester plans and prepares for a wide range of events but it is understood that every incident or event is unique and it is important to learn lessons around how prepared the city region was for the attack on May 22, 2017, and how we responded to the event. Unfortunately it is possible there will be future attacks here or elsewhere in the UK and it is paramount we continue to review and improve our approach.

The review has identified what a range of responding agencies did well on the night and during the following week that helped people as well as what could have been done better. The outcomes of this exercise will ensure we fully prepare for any future incidents here in Greater Manchester and also share our learning across the country. At the same time we are learning from colleagues in London and in international cities where there have been terrorist attacks too.

The Kerslake Arena Review has published the final report, further information can be found on the News page